Edge School Programs


Edge School Programs Inc., provides meaningful programming that encourages and promotes leadership, development and education. Housed at the Edge School campus in Calgary, AB, Edge School Programs participants have access to world class facilities and faculty members.

Edge School Programs is focused on top quartile Customer Experience; Development vs. Winning and Learning through a Positive and Fun Environment.

We are committed to providing opportunities to a wide range of ages, grades, levels and abilities; we invite you to contact us should you have any questions.

Core to our programming and strategy is our CPR Philosophy….Compete, Passion and Respect.

Compete – to develop, learn and be your personal best

Edge360 views positive competition as a means to elevate and inspire young athletes. Whether it is performing drills in practice, participating in Competitive Saturday’s, or taking part in tournaments, athletes are given the opportunity to beat their personal bests and reach new levels in their training.

We ask our players to use competition, and their competitive spirit, as an opportunity to learn, practice, and develop.  It is not about “winning”, it is about using competition as a tool for skill development and personal excellence.

Passion – it’s contagious, make it spread

Edge360 is a hub for passionate, driven athletes and coaches who are dedicated to their sport and personal improvement. It is this Passion and appreciation for the sports we love that fuels both Competition and Respect.  Passion drives the perseverance, determination and inner-will  of each player, coach and Edge School Programs employee to reach their goals.

It is also through these shared passions that athletes develop significant and lasting friendships with others who have common interests. Not only does Passion elevate and enhance an athlete’s development, it also leaves them with new friends and life long memories.

Respect – all other competitors, instructors, participants and the opportunities provided

Edge School Programs Participants, Coaches, and Trainers are all working toward a common goal = enhance skills while having fun!  Through these positive experience4s, participants continue to grow their personal strengths and develop confidence within their goals.

We encourage each Edge School Programs participant, coach, and parent to demonstrate remarkable sportsmanship. By showing respect for themselves, their fellow athletes, opponents, and coaches, Edge School Programs community members exhibit true character through both the obstacles and successes within sport development.

To ensure we foster a community of Respect, Edge School Programs coaches and employees welcome and invite open communication with participants and their families.