Quantum Change Hockey Development

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”                                                                         – Aristotle

Quantum Change is an elite hockey development program focused on high-speed skill execution.  The formula for success in hockey is simple, but hard to execute. At the core of success are sound developmental habits. Note: This is not an Edge Programming Camp. The Quantum Change curriculum has been developed by Scott Atkinson and is run by his assistant instructors, lead by Austin Ehret. For further details on this camp, do not hesitate to contact Austin at:

  • Phone: 403-862-9119
  • E-mail: austin.ehret@shaw.ca

New research investigating the science of talent development (neuroscience, psychology, and biology) has reported that talent is determined far less by genes and far more by actions (practice).

That being said, special kinds of practice are necessary in order to make the most out of time and energy (quantitative & qualitative efficiency). Most people who excel have a unique relationship with practice (mindset), and can channel their energy in the most productive way. To them, practice is the big game.

As a result, practice becomes transformative – the right kind of practice leads to quantum change, accelerated and sustained development, which leads to future performance success.

Science has provided a simple formula that leads to Quantum Change. The challenge to hockey players is to turn the formula into habit. The Quantum Change program provides you with a solid start towards elite performance.

If you are looking to make REAL change in your game, fundamentals and habits, consider developing your skills 5 times per week for 6 weeks!


** Ice Times will be run by Austin Ehret, with Boys and Girls Prep Players used as Mentor Coaches/Demonstrators.

To Register, Click the week below: 

Week 1: July 3-7 $200.00

Week 2: July 10-14 $200.00

Week 3: July 17-21 $200.00

Week 4: July 24-28 $200.00

Week 5: July 31-Aug 4 $200.00

Week 6: August 7-11 $200.00

Week 7: August 14-18 $200.00

Week 8: August 21-25 $200.00

** All “Any Week” sessions will be on a drop-in basis

Summer 2016: THANK YOU to all of you who participated in our Quantum Hockey Program. We hope you enjoyed the ice times and good luck in your upcoming season!

For more information contact Chris Chisamore cchisamore@edgeschool.com