4 Ways to Get Back in Shape After the Holidays

Not feeling so great after the Holiday Season? Here are 4 ways to help you get back

on track.

1. Set realistic exercise goals

Don’t worry so much about setting a weight loss/gain goal when starting back, focus

on the process. When setting your back on track goal, set a realistic goal for the

number of days/week and amount of time/day you think you can commit to while

getting back on track. Set your goal, make it visible and stick to it.

2. Get back to your healthy routine

A good way to get back into your regular exercise routine is to do what you enjoy

and get back to a routine that has worked for you. Whether it is going for a jog

before school/work, a favourite group fitness class or a workout that leaves you

feeling great, try doing the things you enjoy most while you’re getting settled back


3. Plan your next trip to the grocery store

One of the best ways to ensure your eating habits get back on track is to surround

yourself with the right choices. Before you go to the grocery store next, make a plan.

On a full stomach, make a list of your regular healthy choices and stick to the plan

when you go to the store.

4. Focus on how you want to feel.

Often when people are trying to motivate themselves back to a healthy lifestyle, they

use guilt. They try to shame themselves into the right habits. But guilt cannot offer

sustainable energy; it’s not very inspiring. In fact, it usually ends up feeding

‘comfort’ behaviours (comfort foods, inactivity, diversions), not positive change. So

instead, keep reminding yourself of how you do want to feel. Stay focused on a

vision of yourself that energizes you: fit, strong, healthy, happy, proud. This will be

your lighthouse.

**The experts suggest at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 5-7 days/week to

stay healthy.**

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